Hi Daphne,

… I love them! They are so much cuter IRL especially the newsprint one. They are such great diapers. I wish my entire stash was made up of these.They seriously are so trim but super absorbent. I am so glad I found these diapers.

Thank you again,


The diaper came on Friday or Saturday… The fit is fabulous and she has quite a bit of room to grow in it. I love how narrow it is between the legs and it seems to be more flexible than some of my other fitteds…..

…..So, everything I’ve heard about Stinky Couture is true. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent and it has great absorbency! I will definitely be watching future stockings to snag more!


Oh I LOVE the dipe! The fit is perfect on the smallest setting, so he’ll be able to wear it for a long time. The first time he wore it, i put it on him coverless and we got a huge breast-fed explosion… the dipe held everything in just ducky!

Gorgeous construction, the print came out of the wash like new … I love it!

Thank you!!

Oh my goodness! I love this diaper. It fits sooo well and holds so much pee. He hasn’t pooped yet but man it can hold some pee. The outside of the diaper hasn’t even gotten wet. When do you stock b/c I would love some more of these.

Thank you so much,

Hi Daphne, I received the ooga booga diaper this morning and it is
beautiful, I love it and it fits well…

…and I am absolutely thrilled with it

Thank you 🙂

I have a feeling that this won’t be my last order with you hehe


It’s wonderful, the print is the cutest! I’ve been searching for a
pair of fleece longies w/built in cover to go with…
… I did try the diaper on to check the fit, and it’s perfect – just what I was hoping for. I
think it will last us a long time. My DH said it’s his favorite type
of snap diaper, btw. I’ve only purchased a few that snap like that,
but if he’s sold… well 😉

Feel free to use any part of the above for a customer comment section
if you wish.


I love it! It is so well constructed and so nice. I have had to wash
diapers daily so I can use it. LOL It fits my 2 yrs old as well as my
6 month old.

Yours are probably the only other diaper I will buy… I just love them
so much. They fit my daughter so well and are the only diaper except
mine that can handle her heavy wetting. I love em! Plus, you’ve got
some great fabrics 🙂

Can’t wait to see what you stock next time. I’m seriously considering
selling a few of my other fitteds to get more of yours. I love my
stash, but a lot of it is just not absorbant enough for my kiddo!


Oh my goodness!!!! …
You are so generous! It is gorgeous! Thank you so much! … it is amazing! I wrote a review for you on Diaperswappers and am going to try to do so on HC. Thank you, thank you!

Daphne –
… I LOVE my diaper. LOVE. At first I only ordered one because I loved your name but I totally dig the dipe. If you ever want/have time to do a custom please let me know. Usually I’m at work when things are stocked so I miss out. But yours is my the first dipe I grab if it’s clean…