Dear Daphne, …The 3rd diaper arrived today. Oh my! It’s gorgeous, beautiful and, yes, I am sure the fit is fine! So, if you would make one large like these I have now it would be perfect :)!

I would really love we could meet and have our babies play…I could make you a nice Italian dinner and we could have a nice cup of coffee 😉 Well, you never know, you could make a trip to London one of these days 🙂 ….It’s been a pleasure dealing with you, really!

Many Thanks

Thanks so much Daphne!! You are the best! The fit is fantastic. I am truly amazed at how well made (and quality wow) these diapers are. Did you have my daughter in front of you when you made them?? HAHA. They are perfect. The soaker is just the right amount of absorbency that we can go coverless. Thank you again! …

Kind Regards


Hey Daphne! I am just thrilled with the one size, the fit is perfect and loving the super stretchy leg. I know you must know how great the covered snaps are, LOL! Tell me when I can get more ; )


Hi Daphne,

I’ve been meaning to write you about the diapers, but we have been crazy busy…

The diapers came and I love them. The fit is perfect on my dd. The prints are amazing and the workmanship is top notch. My dd recently outgrew the rise on our Goodmama’s, so I’ve been scrambling to find another good fitted. I love the SC, and can’t wait to get more. BTW when are you stocking more, lol?


Hi Daphne…

I wanted to let you know that I got the horse and riders diaper yesterday in the mail. I love it! That is the cutest fabric, and of course, the diaper is beautifully made. Thank you very much!



My baby has finally grown into (and almost out of!) the diaper I
purchased from you last fall. I love the diaper…


… I LOVE the diaper, it’s perfect on my little guy, I had actually stopped using fitteds because I could never find a good fit on my son but this is great, no leg gaps, and the rise isn’t above his belly button, which is another common problem for us since he’s a tad short! He has a tendency to pee straight through diapers, too, he’s a bit of an extreme super soaker, so I am impressed that he made it past an hour in the diaper before needing changed….

Thanks so much!!

Kelly R.

Your gorgeous diaper arrived and has been tried too! It’s so soft and trim, I just love it! And thank you very much indeed for the present for my Zelinda, we love it and as soon as she saw it she named it “Mimmi”, her way to name small children 🙂 …

Best Wishes

…I am very happy with the diaper, the way it fits and its “performance” ;). It’s been washed over and over and it still works awesome and looks great ! Your customer service is excellent btw.

… Awesome customer communication and service !!! …


I absolutely love the diaper and so does dd. She wants to wear it all the time and doesn’t like to take it off even when it’s saturated. It’s the first one she pulls out of the clean laundry pile. What can I say, she loves monsters. Thanks a bunch. :o)