About Our Products

Stinky Couture™ Signature Series Fitted Side-Snap Diapers
Stinky Couture Multi Fitt™
SIMPLE GREEN BABY™ by Stinky Couture™

Our premium diaper fabrics include:

  • Organic Cotton Velour
  • Organic Cotton Fleece
  • Hemp/Organic Cotton Fleece (55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton)
  • Natural Loopy French Terry (100% Organic Cotton)
  • Organic Cotton Sherpa
  • Organic Cotton Rayon Velour
    (70% Rayon made from Bamboo / 28% Organic Cotton/2% Poly)
  • Organic Cotton Rayon Fleece Blend (Rayon made from Bamboo)
    Rayon defined: Rayon is a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber. Because it is produced from naturally occurring polymers, it is neither a truly synthetic fiber nor a natural fiber, it is a semi-synthetic fiber.
  • Boutique, out of print, hard to find and rare prints
  • High performing technologically advanced fabrics are incorporated in many Stinky Couture™ designs. These fabrics may include, though are not limited to, athletic wicking materials, polyester/polyester blend fabrics, polyurethane laminate (PUL), Zorb™.

Stinky Couture™ Signature Soakers

Stinky Couture™ being contemporary in design is the first to have addressed the need for a luxe soaker that not only offers superior absorbency, but still looks great wash after wash. The Stinky Couture Signature Series™ fitted cloth diaper embodies classic lines and luxe materials. The Stinky Couture™ cloth diaper is easily spotted with our signature, the detailed quilting design of the Stinky Couture Signature Soaker™. Many of you are familiar with a common industry problem where the outer fabric of a soaker containing a boost layer through the center can develop a saggy and wrinkled look over time and washings. No more! Stinky Couture™ offers the original innovative luxe soaker featuring the diamond design and incorporating quilting through all the layers. Our testing shows that this not only significantly increases durability, but also allows for additional layers of absorbency without additional bulk. No sagging, no curling and a great unique look. The Stinky Couture™ Signature Soaker is a must have for baby!

Stinky Couture™ Wool Pull up Covers

Our Wool Covers are made from fine, organic merino wool. This fabric has many distinguishing features, one of which is the value added element of caring for the environment. Colored covers are dyed with low-impact, eco-friendly dyes.

Why We Love Wool
Wool is naturally breathable, keeping baby’s temperature up to 4° C cooler than PUL covers, which in turn helps prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause diaper rash. Wool is naturally anti-bacterial and can absorb up to 30% of it’s weight in moisture without feeling wet. A common misconception is that a wool cover is scratchy against baby’s skin. A high-quality wool cover made from untreated wool is very soft and comfortable. Wool covers do require some special care to perform optimally, but because wool is naturally self-cleaning, the cover can be air dried between uses and will only require laundering approximately every two weeks unless soiled. Wool provides excellent leak protection, even overnight.

Care Instructions

Each Stinky Couture™ product is made using top quality materials for durability and longevity; however, these garments need the proper care to maximize the products life. For this reason, we recommend treating these products as delicates, including machine washing on delicate or a cycle with low agitation, cold/warm water and line dry. Our warranties can only be honored if the product is properly cared for. Failure to follow care instructions will void any warranty.

All wool garments should be washed by hand only. Detailed launder instructions will accompany each wool garment.