CleanWell, simply.

January 16, 2011

LOVE this hand sanitizer. Easy to carry and use – CleanWell

Available at Whole Foods Market and Vitamin Cottage.



So I can’t help myself, I love to share the great stuff I find and places I *heart* and plus this plug is inspirational!

Successful people replace the words ‘wish’, ‘should’ and ‘try’ with ‘I will’. Ineffective people don’t

My absolute fav store to gear up at for my athletic wear is Lululemon Athletica. I find it to be a fantastic, very selfy store for those of us looking for the athletic wear that is both functional yet appropriate for after gym errands. Actually I’m often in my Lulu gear on off time simply because it’s so yummy! Their athletic pants are butt perking and truly compliment a womens shape which is just one of the many reasons I love this store! Another is their friggin’ inspirational shopping bag. The bag is reusable, bright red bag and is inundated with inspirational quotes on the outside as exampled above. Who knew I’d get some early a.m. inspiration and so much motivation from a shopping bag!



I love to share fun finds and though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I say that paperwhite studio rocks year round! We have all had those “don’t know what to get you” moments. I personally am not a Hallmark type of girl!

“i love you more than ‘blank’. ” is a little project with a big heart. We believe that you can never really evaluate the value of something unless you measure it up to something else, so we wanted to ask people : What do you use as a measuring stick for love?

paperwhite studio



I *heart* babai alainn!

October 11, 2008

babai alainn
(“beautiful baby” in Gaelic, pronounced “bah-bee aw-lin”).

babai alainn is the place to get your beanies for the upcoming winter. After ordering the pictured beanie for my daughter I then asked Marina, creator and designer, if she would kindly make me one to match. Without hesitation Marina accommodated my request. My daughter and I are now ready to trek out into those blustery days while staying warm and stylish. I really cannot say enough about the quality and detail of Marina’s work, and her customer service is delightfully refreshing … I *heart* babai alainn!

Picture used with the permission of © babai alaiinn

How cute will your child be in this adorable beanie! This is our original design, using several different techniques and acrylic yarn to create our unique chunky, textured beanies.

This beanie is full of special details, from the cross stitching around the opening of the beanie, to the big, chunky removable flower clip. Attach the grosgrain-covered flower clip for a girly look (first picture), or remove the flower and wear the brim on the side for a cute, trendy look (second and third pictures)! Each beanie is made with love and care!

babai alainn



So, gone are the days that I would get my own fluffy mail as our youngest daughter is no longer in diapers. Imagine how excited I was to get super yummy mail this week! One of the mamas I sew for was so kind as to send me homemade shortbread cookies and a couple packs of tea. So sweet!

I’ve been fortunate to have so many of you that started as customers become my friends over time, and I do so enjoy watching your babies grow. I value your friendship and am thankful for the support you provide for me an my family.

yummy mail

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