A smear campaign is an intentional, premeditated effort to undermine an individual’s or group’s reputation, credibility, and character. .

The latter part of 2008 saw the fruition of a nasty smear campaign directed at Stinky Couture. Diligent, persistent and unfounded are just a few of the words that describe it. Why?! Friends, family and customers have kindly given their input and continued support.

Did I unintentionally step on toes, rock the boat with SC’s apparent quick success? If SC’s success rattled the self confidence of some others in the business, they have my sympathy for their own perceived shortcomings. Business is business, business is competition. Compete via quality of product and sound business practices.
Do I choose to not share every aspect of my life, intentionally keeping a safe distance between my personal life and my business? Yes.
Do I believe in keeping the buying and selling facets of business separate? Yes.
Do I prefer my nickname? Sure. So what?
And what of the numerous unashamedly copied SC concepts and designs? Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop. -Jeffrey Zeldman
Did and do I expect to earn a fair wage for the time, quality and detail that goes into every Stinky Couture product? Absolutely!

The fact is that the online world of friends and contacts is a fickle one. Often one may be a friend one day and a target the next. As I see it people can be far too comfortable posting anything and everything on the internet. Some find that with anonymity, it’s easy to be malicious, unkind and make false accusations knowing that there will likely be no atonement or accounting for their words. I am passionate about everything and everyone in my life and though there came a time that I had to withdraw to reflect, to analyze, to breathe . . . the heart of the matter is this: our beautiful daughter is the face of Stinky Couture and I will not have the smear campaign be her legacy. I stand behind by my business integrity which is characterized by the honesty, reliability and fairness shown to each and every customer. As I’ve said before and what still holds true; the building of a business as a mother, wife and career woman requires investment, persistence and the sacrifice of precious time with loved ones. I could not make it through the trying times without the love and repeated support of those around me.

Recently I received an email from a fellow WAHM that prompted today’s blog post and though appreciated the words cannot undo the damage done. The following are excerpts from that email:

. . . I do need to apologize to you for being mean. I know I was. . . .

So Daphne. I am sorry for going to web and the drama blog – it was so out of character for me and honestly – I am ashamed I did – because its not like me. For that I apologize and take responsibility for my actions.

For me to post the email in it’s entirety is not an option. Those that have truly done business with me, know me. The truth has always been documented in writings and photos, though I’ve always felt that to make that information public would be unethical as protecting my brand could not come at the cost of disclosing my customers private business communications.

And now, goodbye to an elephant!

It’s important for me to share with you that in the midst of reeling from the smear campaign mentioned above, personally we tragically suffered more than one loss to our family. The road to healing continues to be a long one. More than ever I believe and embrace what is stated so simply:
LIVE well, LAUGH often, LOVE much.

A sincere and warm thank you to those of you that have continued to reach out, appreciate and support SC.



Recently I came across a WAHM’s review and just had to share it, this is good stuff! I wrote the WAHM to thank her for her honest and unbiased review as I do not know her personally nor have I sewn for her directly. In my short and sweet email to her I had to add that the rumors aren’t true and I’m not mean! I laughed out loud at this as those of you that know me know that’s the furthest from the truth.

Having had the pleasure of sewing for more than a few WAHM’S such as Amanda of sweetiebums, Genevieve of The Cloth Canoe and Claudia of Sticky Peas to name a few, I can say that it’s truly a special experience and one that I value. Whether sewing for a WAHM directly or having a WAHM purchase my product second hand, the sentiment is the same, to have another seamstress appreciate the time and detail that goes into my work really does mean so much.

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I have to admit… when I read all the drama and the hype and saw the pricetag I was very curious…. so I couldn’t resist when I saw a couple of them listed for cheap in FSOT — in cute boy prints.

They are flawlessly sewn with details like having the size tag machine embroidered on each diaper. The margin for error must be microscopic because each one is just perfect. The snaps are exact… not even a mm off ever anywhere. She is like the not-quite-human seamstress… they are that perfect.

If you hold it up to my $35 piddle poddle — the piddle poddle’s snaps are a mm off here and there, serging a little goofy some places, wrinkle here or there — you know, nothing that would affect function or that
the average person would probably even notice. But they were definitely made by a human.

Obviously the stinky couture diapers took anywhere from 4 to 10 times as long to make as my speed serged piddle poddle… so asking $50 does not seem like much, relatively, to me. The perfection of her diapers also explains why people tend to have to wait so long for their orders as I believe she also has a full time job.

On that listing with the $70 diaper — I’m sure she probably paid anywhere from $10 to $15 just for the cut of that fabric sooo it still doesn’t seem outrageous to me.

Of course, that is more than the average person would expect to pay for a diaper.

If I had so much money that I didn’t have to worry about anything, I would be wearing $900 pants… not as a status symbol, but I enjoy luxurious and beautiful fabrics that cost $50 or $100 per yard and clothing tailor made to fit my every curve and angle and that is probably going to outlive me if I take care of it.

All that said, if all the rumors are true then she is pretty unstable and mean and it would be better not to do business with her imo.
wahm behind Tat2 Boutique

Again, no the rumors aren’t true and no I’m not mean . . . really.



Did You Know?

December 9, 2009

A thought provoking video on the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman, remixed . . . Did You Know?



Pleasantries aside.

October 23, 2009

I don’t think imitation is the highest form of flattery,
I think it’s annoying. -P!nk



Dear Mr President

July 14, 2009



I turn the other cheek to “you”. The “you” that finds comfort in being malicious and unkind. The “you” who finds joy in spreading falsities. My response to “you” is this:

When we are faced with such hostility we can choose to react on instinct, to defend, to justify, to attack and ultimately to feed the ugliness of this dysfunctional theater, but in doing so we allow it to become a part of us. Eckhart Tolle¹ describes much of this beautifully, and may summarize it best in his words: “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”

-Today’s World – Karma, Reflection and Kindness.

It is disappointing that there are those few of you who find my success to be threatening. That feel you need to have your presence known with each degree of success I earn and that seem to feel that attempting to tear others down is a way to build yourself up. My success is based on a true and honest heart and most importantly it is based on integrity. Integrity is defined as an adherence to moral and ethical principles. For me this holds true in every detail as well as holistically. Any one of you have the potential to be as successful – but your first goal should be to apply the energy you use to attack me to improve your own life skills. I am well aware that some of “you” are individuals that are known in the WAHM community yet hide behind anonymity and innuendo. Sadly, there are also those few that are simply wanting to “belong” to something regardless of the ill intent, the falsehood or those it injures. As women, we should stand up for and encourage the success and empowerment of our gender. I will forever strive to be a champion for us as women; women who not only want to do meaningful work, but who also find great meaning and success in being wives, partners and mothers.



Simply a diaper, not so. Truly the cloth diaper has become a unifying fashion statement for parents wanting to contribute to “saving the planet”. The past few years have seen substantial growth of the eco friendly industry, bringing many new products and companies to light. One would not think that the seemingly straightforward business of cloth diapering would have an underlying clique of sites dedicated to melodrama, conspiracy and diaper politics; but surprisingly, many WAHMs occasionally endure this absurdity. Fortunately, recognizing this soap opera for what it is we can gain perspective and move on to enjoy the rewards of serving conscientious parents while producing products that contribute to a healthier planet.

Stinky Couture™ has proved to be a far more ambitious project than anything I have previously committed to. I have happily joined the cause of making the cloth diaper a quintessential eco friendly fashion staple. My mission is that Stinky Couture™ be a brand that will stand the test the time though innovation, style, quality and customer service.

I encourage potential WAHMs to embrace their own inspiration and help enrich our community by example. This cause is worth it.



There has always been a thread of discord, disharmony and maliciousness in our world. Some inner human ego, fed by self-doubt and unhappiness, that needs conflict in order to identify ourself as a conquering hero and feed our sense of self worth. Unfortunately, left unchecked, this can drive us to overlook our conscience and compassion for fellow man and justify lies, half-truths and innuendo to create the drama and outrage needed to glorify ones’ victories.

When we are faced with such hostility we can choose to react on instinct, to defend, to justify, to attack and ultimately to feed the ugliness of this dysfunctional theater, but in doing so we allow it to become a part of us. Eckhart Tolle¹ describes much of this beautifully, and may summarize it best in his words: “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”

Taking such words to heart, and in this season especially, I’d like to continue focusing on the good, the compassion, the caring and the love of those in my life. Building a business as a mother, wife and career woman has required investment, persistence and the sacrifice of precious time with loved ones. I could not make it through the trying times without the love and repeated support of those around me. I’d like to thank the many of you, customers and friends, that take the time to write, call and visit to express kindness and encouragement. It’s you that provide me motivation to continue when things are tough, and remind me of the rewards in pursuing my passion and dreams. The truth and light in each of you give back so much more to the world than you may ever know.

¹ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth



BRRRR…and the snow came.

October 19, 2008

The view from my sewing studio window.

The week before last brought our first snow here in the Rockies. Though beautiful, I shiver at the thought of days ahead when the temperature is well below zero and the power routinely goes out. That said, I relish in the thought of pulling out the family ski gear, as well toasting marshmallows over the fire pit.



Is who we are defined as a collage of the people in our life? In some ways I think this is true. If we consciously, even subconsciously, pull from others; can it be only the good that we emulate? If that were true then wouldn’t we be free of bad habits or annoying idiosyncrasies? The truth is that each of us have our own moral compass and typically are drawn to people of like minded thinking; which may very well be why at times we pull from the people in our lives so easily and at times, even unknowingly.

So then, is imitation the best form form of flattery? With the emotional possession of an idea removed, yes. It confirms the idea was successful. Why are we not flattered then? That is where the concept of ownership comes in. It’s human nature when we create something that we feel we have certain rights to it, whether that be something tangible, or whether it be a unique idea. Most people are unable to separate the emotion. Regardless, it is commonplace for successful ideas to be emulated, and as an individual one must step back from the emotion and accept the flattery. On an AJ blog, Life’s a pitch, the subject was addressed and is a suggested read for any artist or idealist that may be taking things too much to heart.

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