November 5, 2008

Meet Nathan, the winner of this month’s Stinky Couture™ photo contest.
Photo submitted by his mama Kristi.

Here is a picture I snapped right after we got back from the post office! Thought you’d like to see my little monkey in the sock monkey. I like that print for him because he was a late crawler (just started last week at 13 months) so he got really good at grabbing things with both his feet and his hands in order to extend his reach from the seated position! So I always call him my little monkey because he uses his feet so much!

The diapers are beautiful. Thank you again!




Kennedy, photo submitted by her mama Alyssa.

. . . It was my other kids’ idea to dress her up like a fairy to match the diaper. Madison (her 4 year old sister) offered up her backpack wings and wand. We tried so hard to get her to hold a wand to complete the ensemble, but she just wouldn’t let go of the toy lipstick. We got a great smile on her because Dustin (her 5 year old brother) was behind me playing peek-a-boo, but instead of saying boo he said “Stinky diaper” (meaning she is wearing her Stinky Couture diaper; he just loves the name).
It was quite the family photo shoot, but we had a great time doing it. Looking back at this picture reminds me of passing the afternoon with all of my kids laughing and smiling with each other.

– Alyssa



Meet 10 month old Katie, August winner of the Stinky Couture™ photo contest. Photo submitted by her mama Tori.



Meet 19 month old Walker wearing Stinky Couture™. Walker is July’s winner of the Stinky Couture™ photo contest. Photo submitted by his mama Cristine

What is haute couture? As defined by Stinky Couture™ it is made to order for each baby’s needs. Luxurious cloth diapers made from high-quality, hard to find and often out of print fabrics that are sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish. Comfort, function, beauty, Stinky Couture™.



We are quite sure that this little cowboy is looking for his horse…he knows that he left it somewhere!

Tracy's Baby

June’s winner of the Stinky Couture™ photo contest is Tracy’s baby. He is wearing a Stinky Couture™ Signature Series side snap fitted cloth diaper featuring toy cowboys that are reminiscent of days gone by. We would love to share more about him though we have only the picture submitted by his mama Tracy. In the excitement of sharing this picture with us, Tracy neglected to give us the details. Regardless this picture is a winner!



This months SC photo contest winner is 11 month old Cameron. May in the Colorado Rockies can mean much rain and yes even snow still. How delighted we were to see Cameron sunning on a beautiful Spring day in Stinky Couture™ !

Baby Cameron
Photo taken by Cameron’s mama Valerie.

You too could win a free Stinky Couture™ diaper by entering our monthly photo contest.

We love our SC Babies!



Baby Avery

Indeed I have grown quite fond of sweet baby Avery. That being said I did not participate in choosing this month’s SC photo contest winner. Being that I love all of the photos submitted, I really am no help when it comes to choosing a winner. Each and every one of the submitted photos is special and a treasured gift. As time allows we will be uploading more photos to the SC Flickr gallery.



We received so many great pictures! Choosing this month’s winner was not easy as you all have such beautiful babies.

April’s winning photo is of Caden, 3 months, photo taken by his mama Lisa. We got quite a kick out of the photos submitted by Lisa as she submitted several photos showing Caden in a variety of moods. This was our favorite as sweet Caden was trying oh so hard to sit up and show off his Stinky Couture™.

Baby Caden



LOVE those babies!

February 21, 2008

We LOVE your babies in Stinky Couture™! We are excited to announce the official start of the Stinky Couture™ photo contest. The contest will run monthly starting March 1, 2008. Winners will be chosen monthly from the previous month’s photo submissions with a cutoff of midnight Mountain Time on the last day of the month.* April 1, 2008 we will announce the first winner and every 1st thereafter. The winner will receive a Stinky Couture™ fitted diaper*. When submitting photos, please keep it real. We love babies and we love them as they are whether that be happy, messy, cranky, hungry, fussy, sleepy. So get competitive, HAVE FUN and we’ll look forward to seeing your sweet babies in Stinky Couture™!

Submissions can be sent to “photocontest at
* Diapers will be YPS (you pick size)
*All photo submissions to date will be considered for the month of March.



We LOVE seeing your babies in Stinky Couture™! Here are a few tips that we thought might be helpful when trying to get that candid shot.

Be patient
When photographing children, patience is a must. Have fun! Don’t expect to get that perfect shot immediately. Sit back and wait for the right moment, then snap away.

Get close to your Baby!
Be sure to fill the camera’s viewfinder or LCD display with your Baby to create pictures with greater impact. Get close to your Baby or use your camera’s zoom to emphasize what is important and exclude the rest. When a flash is needed it is better to get a little further back and utilize the zoom function of your camera.

Get down at there level
Eye-to-eye contact is as engaging in a picture as it is in real life. Laying on your belly or sitting on the ground is a great way get a picture from a child’s perspective. By doing this, your Baby’s expressions will be natural, your flash photos will be more evenly lit from nose to toe, and the background will probably look a lot better, too.

Crop it…before and after!
Visual cropping: Try cropping your photo visually prior to taking it. Fill the view finder or LCD display. When doing so are there things that you see that shouldn’t be there? You can crop, or remove, these elements easily by moving closer or utilizing the zoom feature on you camera.

Crop it after the fact: Whether you take your photos to be processed or download pictures to your computer, cropping is easy! Cropping really can make a good photo great!

Be real!
Ignore the impulse to force your Baby to pose staring at the camera. Candid pictures that are real and not forced really are best. A dirty face, mismatched socks and bed head are just a few warm examples of childhood that one can connect to. We have oh so many pictures of our children as they are… children.

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