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August 10, 2010



Tag, we’re IT!

March 29, 2010

Re visiting “Tag, we’re IT!”,
an April 10, 2008 Stinky Couture™ blog post.

From it’s conception in 2005, I have nurtured and given great thought to Stinky Couture™. Every detail from packaging, every stitch, and yes, the tag. The Stinky Couture™ tag is unique in design, cut from vintage denim and individually embroidered with “Stinky Couture”, the tag represents quality. When you see the Stinky Couture™ tag, you know that you have a unique, quality item that was sewn just for your Baby as I would sew it for our Baby.



LOVE is . . .

February 14, 2010



POLY What?

October 30, 2009

Polyester. What falls into the category of polyester? For starters, those pocket cloth diapers we all love made using suede cloth (bumGenius), micro fleece (FuzziBunz) as well those cloth diapers that incorporate Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) and athletic wicking material, which is, guess what . . . polyester! Even the beloved OCBV (Organic Cotton Bamboo Velour) fabric that can be found in many of our favorite “green labeled” cloth diapers, commonly has a 2% polyester backing. Regardless of how it’s labeled polyester falls into the category of a fabric that is less than eco friendly due to it’s carbon footprint. That said, when incorporated to make a cloth diaper I believe, as do many, that the environmental benefits gained by the choice to use cloth diapers far out weighs the less then green facet of it. We, our babies, our planet, benefit from using cloth diapers whether they are made up of natural fibers or not. Fabrics made up of polyester work and work well giving parents the option to not use disposable without sacrificing performance. As each baby’s/parents needs differ the need for options is a must. Have you thought about how many parents might choose not to cloth diaper if there were not options?



Diamond quilting . . . it’s a good thing! Imitation, not so much. Stinky Couture™ being the inventive, contemporary brand that it is often is in the position of having our ideas imitated in one form or another. That said, their efforts though diligent, genuinely pale in comparison. The Stinky Couture Signature Series™ fitted cloth diaper embodies classic lines and luxe materials. The Stinky Couture™ cloth diaper is easily spotted with our signature, the detailed quilting design of the Stinky Couture Signature Soaker™. Being that Stinky Couture™ is just that, couture, there are those replica makers trying to make a quick buck with imitation. You can however note the inferior products if you employ close attention to detail. When I create, it’s all about the detail.

As posted 01/09 :

Diamonds may just be your baby’s new best friend. . . I’m talking diamond quilting. Stinky Couture™ is addressing the need for a soaker that not only offers superior absorbency, but still looks great wash after wash. Many of you are familiar with a common industry problem where the outer fabric of a soaker containing a boost layer through the center can develop a saggy and wrinkled look over time and washings. No more! Stinky Couture™ now offers an innovative new soaker featuring quilting through all the layers that our testing shows not only significantly increases durability, but also allows for additional layers of absorbency without additional bulk. No sagging, no curling and a great new unique look.

We had previously shared to expect some new and exciting developments
to Stinky Couture™, we will strive not
to disappoint. Please look forward to a new product line later this year which
is currently on the drawing board, quite literally, in charcoal! Now you all know some of what I dream about…



::: LOVE ME :::

February 14, 2009



The Stinky Couture™ AIO

February 12, 2009

Adding to the SC product line up is the Stinky Couture™ All-In-One. A cloth diaper that needs no cover as the outer layer is waterproof, hence the All-In-One (AIO) name. The SC AIO is a luxurious, trim fitting, no bulk, no fuss option for those parents who like the convenience of a disposable diaper yet want the eco friendly environmental advantages of cloth. Not only is the SC AIO as trim as the SC Signature Series™ fitted, the fact that we combined it with the innovative diamond quilted soaker, unique to Stinky Couture™, makes this a must have for busy parents on the go. When parents communicate to me what they are wanting, words like absorbency, comfort and trust are at the top of the list. Customers have come to expect the style and quality that Stinky Couture™ is known for, and not wanting to disappoint, I continue to mix it up with traditional and edgy fabrics and design. Previously the SC AIO has been primarily available only to those with custom orders, but will soon be available RTW (ready to wear).



Customs, customs, customs. 2008 has kept me busy with a customs list that I have yet to dent. Though I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing to life the fabrics and ideas many of you have sent in, it is time to move in the direction of RTW (ready to wear). I will continue to work on limited custom orders, but will also be focused on providing in-stock items and some new ideas. The new year will bring some exciting changes to Stinky Couture™ and I look forward to sharing those with you. In the meantime, I thought I would take a moment to share just a glimpse of what I’ve been busy with the past several months.



LOVE the feel of it.

October 2, 2008

This custom order was made of a rich designer velour for the outer, organic cotton/bamboo fleece for the inner and organic cotton bamboo velour for the soaker. True to form, this Stinky Couture™ cloth diaper is a unique blend of function and luxury.

Many of the fabrics purchased for Stinky Couture™ are purchased “post production”. Once a designer has completed a production run or samples for a season, the remaining fabric is made available. Often these fabrics are one time purchases and purchased in small amounts. These fabrics can often be spotted in RTW (ready-to-wear) at high end boutiques.



Céad míle fáilte

September 5, 2008

The traditional Irish greeting Céad míle fáilte literally means
“A hundred thousand welcomes.”

This beautiful Stinky Couture™ side snap fitted cloth diaper is en route to Bella in Ireland. She sent me some wonderful fabrics to work with. The snaps on the above Stinky Couture™ fitted are done in coordinating green and blue and the soaker has been appliquéd with multiple pieces to create the flower. Though it took some extra time, I could not resist adding the soaker appliqué to accent this unique fabric. Álainn.

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