Above, me geared up for a day of DH.

Below the x-ray (side view) of my new steel disc.

I don’t often think of DH (downhill mountain biking) as an extreme sport, though I’m reminded that it is. Example: screaming down a mountain, clipping a tree at about 25 mph which sent me flying a good 20 feet to a rocky landing. Though I spent several hours in the trauma unit, I walked away for the most part unscathed. Sure, I’d needed a dozen plus stitches, had a road rash on an entire side of my body, was substantially bruised and got a black and blue eye (though wearing a full face helmet), I did walk away from it just fine. Later I found out that I was wrong and I was not “just fine”.

Next, my knee. That too, a price to pay for the sport I love.
And if you’re asking . . . yes, I will ride/race next season!

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good stuff!

August 10, 2010



SOY. Did you know?

August 5, 2010

A baby fed soy will receive, through the phytoestrogens, the equivalent of approximately 5 birth control pills per day! The damage is incalculable.

An excerpt from the must read article Is soy healthy?.

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