Recently I came across a WAHM’s review and just had to share it, this is good stuff! I wrote the WAHM to thank her for her honest and unbiased review as I do not know her personally nor have I sewn for her directly. In my short and sweet email to her I had to add that the rumors aren’t true and I’m not mean! I laughed out loud at this as those of you that know me know that’s the furthest from the truth.

Having had the pleasure of sewing for more than a few WAHM’S such as Amanda of sweetiebums, Genevieve of The Cloth Canoe and Claudia of Sticky Peas to name a few, I can say that it’s truly a special experience and one that I value. Whether sewing for a WAHM directly or having a WAHM purchase my product second hand, the sentiment is the same, to have another seamstress appreciate the time and detail that goes into my work really does mean so much.

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I have to admit… when I read all the drama and the hype and saw the pricetag I was very curious…. so I couldn’t resist when I saw a couple of them listed for cheap in FSOT — in cute boy prints.

They are flawlessly sewn with details like having the size tag machine embroidered on each diaper. The margin for error must be microscopic because each one is just perfect. The snaps are exact… not even a mm off ever anywhere. She is like the not-quite-human seamstress… they are that perfect.

If you hold it up to my $35 piddle poddle — the piddle poddle’s snaps are a mm off here and there, serging a little goofy some places, wrinkle here or there — you know, nothing that would affect function or that
the average person would probably even notice. But they were definitely made by a human.

Obviously the stinky couture diapers took anywhere from 4 to 10 times as long to make as my speed serged piddle poddle… so asking $50 does not seem like much, relatively, to me. The perfection of her diapers also explains why people tend to have to wait so long for their orders as I believe she also has a full time job.

On that listing with the $70 diaper — I’m sure she probably paid anywhere from $10 to $15 just for the cut of that fabric sooo it still doesn’t seem outrageous to me.

Of course, that is more than the average person would expect to pay for a diaper.

If I had so much money that I didn’t have to worry about anything, I would be wearing $900 pants… not as a status symbol, but I enjoy luxurious and beautiful fabrics that cost $50 or $100 per yard and clothing tailor made to fit my every curve and angle and that is probably going to outlive me if I take care of it.

All that said, if all the rumors are true then she is pretty unstable and mean and it would be better not to do business with her imo.
wahm behind Tat2 Boutique

Again, no the rumors aren’t true and no I’m not mean . . . really.

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