Diamond quilting . . . it’s a good thing! Imitation, not so much. Stinky Couture™ being the inventive, contemporary brand that it is often is in the position of having our ideas imitated in one form or another. That said, their efforts though diligent, genuinely pale in comparison. The Stinky Couture Signature Series™ fitted cloth diaper embodies classic lines and luxe materials. The Stinky Couture™ cloth diaper is easily spotted with our signature, the detailed quilting design of the Stinky Couture Signature Soaker™. Being that Stinky Couture™ is just that, couture, there are those replica makers trying to make a quick buck with imitation. You can however note the inferior products if you employ close attention to detail. When I create, it’s all about the detail.

As posted 01/09 :

Diamonds may just be your baby’s new best friend. . . I’m talking diamond quilting. Stinky Couture™ is addressing the need for a soaker that not only offers superior absorbency, but still looks great wash after wash. Many of you are familiar with a common industry problem where the outer fabric of a soaker containing a boost layer through the center can develop a saggy and wrinkled look over time and washings. No more! Stinky Couture™ now offers an innovative new soaker featuring quilting through all the layers that our testing shows not only significantly increases durability, but also allows for additional layers of absorbency without additional bulk. No sagging, no curling and a great new unique look.

We had previously shared to expect some new and exciting developments
to Stinky Couture™, we will strive not
to disappoint. Please look forward to a new product line later this year which
is currently on the drawing board, quite literally, in charcoal! Now you all know some of what I dream about…

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