Diamonds may just be your baby’s new best friend. . . I’m talking diamond quilting. Stinky Couture™ is addressing the need for a soaker that not only offers superior absorbency, but still looks great wash after wash. Many of you are familiar with a common industry problem where the outer fabric of a soaker containing a boost layer through the center can develop a saggy and wrinkled look over time and washings. No more! Stinky Couture™ now offers an innovative new soaker featuring quilting through all the layers that our testing shows not only significantly increases durability, but also allows for additional layers of absorbency without additional bulk. No sagging, no curling and a great new unique look.

We had previously shared to expect some new and exciting developments
to Stinky Couture™, we will strive not
to disappoint. Please look forward to a new product line later this year which
is currently on the drawing board, quite literally, in charcoal! Now you all know some of what I dream about…



Above photo: Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Knitters Handbook, ARAUCANIA Ulmo Multy 100% cotton

The book stitch ‘n bitch:The knitters handbook is a must have! Not only have I have found it to be a great reference book for any skill level, I chuckle at it’s witty tongue and cheek sub titles like “casting call How to Cast On Stitches”, “knit happens How to Make a Knit Stitch” , “if you can stand the heat The Kitchener Stitch”, “standing firm The Cable Cast-on” and “bound for glory How to Bind Off Your Work” just to name a few. A fun and hip view on knitting, this is definitely not your grandmother’s knitting book!

So, dare I saw “cotton”? Yes, the yarn pictured above is cotton. I like the variety that ARAUCANIA offers in wool and cotton yarns. Being that the current project is a pack of face cloths, the cotton suits my needs. Next project…something with wool!

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