Simply a diaper, not so. Truly the cloth diaper has become a unifying fashion statement for parents wanting to contribute to “saving the planet”. The past few years have seen substantial growth of the eco friendly industry, bringing many new products and companies to light. One would not think that the seemingly straightforward business of cloth diapering would have an underlying clique of sites dedicated to melodrama, conspiracy and diaper politics; but surprisingly, many WAHMs occasionally endure this absurdity. Fortunately, recognizing this soap opera for what it is we can gain perspective and move on to enjoy the rewards of serving conscientious parents while producing products that contribute to a healthier planet.

Stinky Couture™ has proved to be a far more ambitious project than anything I have previously committed to. I have happily joined the cause of making the cloth diaper a quintessential eco friendly fashion staple. My mission is that Stinky Couture™ be a brand that will stand the test the time though innovation, style, quality and customer service.

I encourage potential WAHMs to embrace their own inspiration and help enrich our community by example. This cause is worth it.



A new tradition, Secret Santa.

December 18, 2008

We love the holiday season and this year Stinky Couture™ was excited to announce the adoption of a new tradition, our version of Secret Santa. Do you know someone that is kind, considerate, cares for others and is rich in all things that matter? Stinky Couture™ wants to be a Secret Santa for a special someone. With your help someone deserving will receive a beautifully gift wrapped Stinky Couture™ gift pack for their sweet baby this holiday season. Gift pack will include a Stinky Couture™ Signature Series™ fitted cloth diaper and a pack of yummilicious Stinky Couture™ baby wipes.

Please submit your nominee to CustomerService at with “Secret Santa” in the subject line. Please do include your nominee’s full name, email address and a short description of why you feel that they are deserving. Submissions are being accepted through Saturday 12/20.



There has always been a thread of discord, disharmony and maliciousness in our world. Some inner human ego, fed by self-doubt and unhappiness, that needs conflict in order to identify ourself as a conquering hero and feed our sense of self worth. Unfortunately, left unchecked, this can drive us to overlook our conscience and compassion for fellow man and justify lies, half-truths and innuendo to create the drama and outrage needed to glorify ones’ victories.

When we are faced with such hostility we can choose to react on instinct, to defend, to justify, to attack and ultimately to feed the ugliness of this dysfunctional theater, but in doing so we allow it to become a part of us. Eckhart Tolle¹ describes much of this beautifully, and may summarize it best in his words: “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.”

Taking such words to heart, and in this season especially, I’d like to continue focusing on the good, the compassion, the caring and the love of those in my life. Building a business as a mother, wife and career woman has required investment, persistence and the sacrifice of precious time with loved ones. I could not make it through the trying times without the love and repeated support of those around me. I’d like to thank the many of you, customers and friends, that take the time to write, call and visit to express kindness and encouragement. It’s you that provide me motivation to continue when things are tough, and remind me of the rewards in pursuing my passion and dreams. The truth and light in each of you give back so much more to the world than you may ever know.

¹ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth



Save that receipt…

December 13, 2008

Save that receipt as you may need it. Being that the holidays are a time to shop we thought it a must to share the following information:

One in Three Children’s Toys Tested by Found to have Significant Levels of Toxic Chemicals Including Lead, Flame Retardants, and Arsenic
Some Products on Shelves this Holiday Season Will be Illegal to Sell in February
Environmental Health Groups Hold Toy Testing Events Nationwide and Urge Manufacturers and Gov’t to Phase Out Most Harmful Chemicals Immediately

(Ann Arbor, MI — December 3, 2008) – The Ecology Center, a Michigan-based nonprofit organization, and partners across the country today released the 2nd annual consumer guide to toxic chemicals in toys at Researchers tested over 1,500 popular children’s toys for lead, cadmium, arsenic, PVC and other harmful chemicals in time for this year’s holiday shopping season. One in three toys tested were found to contain “medium” or “high” levels of chemicals of concern.

As parents we only want the best for our children. Yes, we believe in Santa Claus and his trusted reindeer. We want our children to squeal with delight on Christmas morning at what they find under the tree without it being hazardous to their health. We found the information on to be a useful guide when purchasing toys for our children. We hope that you too will research before you buy.

Happy Holidays!



Customs, customs, customs. 2008 has kept me busy with a customs list that I have yet to dent. Though I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing to life the fabrics and ideas many of you have sent in, it is time to move in the direction of RTW (ready to wear). I will continue to work on limited custom orders, but will also be focused on providing in-stock items and some new ideas. The new year will bring some exciting changes to Stinky Couture™ and I look forward to sharing those with you. In the meantime, I thought I would take a moment to share just a glimpse of what I’ve been busy with the past several months.

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