Is who we are defined as a collage of the people in our life? In some ways I think this is true. If we consciously, even subconsciously, pull from others; can it be only the good that we emulate? If that were true then wouldn’t we be free of bad habits or annoying idiosyncrasies? The truth is that each of us have our own moral compass and typically are drawn to people of like minded thinking; which may very well be why at times we pull from the people in our lives so easily and at times, even unknowingly.

So then, is imitation the best form form of flattery? With the emotional possession of an idea removed, yes. It confirms the idea was successful. Why are we not flattered then? That is where the concept of ownership comes in. It’s human nature when we create something that we feel we have certain rights to it, whether that be something tangible, or whether it be a unique idea. Most people are unable to separate the emotion. Regardless, it is commonplace for successful ideas to be emulated, and as an individual one must step back from the emotion and accept the flattery. On an AJ blog, Life’s a pitch, the subject was addressed and is a suggested read for any artist or idealist that may be taking things too much to heart.



INSPIRE by example.

September 26, 2008



What we do.

September 6, 2008

When time allows we are on the trails. A good balance of cross country and downhill mountainbiking is my preference. My husband prefers to focus on technical rides and downhill racing. Unfortunately the summer passed so quickly that I’ve had very little time in the saddle this year and the weather is changing already. The hours that I invest on the spin bike would be more enjoyed on the trails; however, family, work and Stinky Couture™ have created a schedule that only a very disciplined and organized person could squeeze time from. Disciplined I am, but organized I am not.

Below is a picture of my best friend, my husband, doing “what we do”.



Céad míle fáilte

September 5, 2008

The traditional Irish greeting Céad míle fáilte literally means
“A hundred thousand welcomes.”

This beautiful Stinky Couture™ side snap fitted cloth diaper is en route to Bella in Ireland. She sent me some wonderful fabrics to work with. The snaps on the above Stinky Couture™ fitted are done in coordinating green and blue and the soaker has been appliquéd with multiple pieces to create the flower. Though it took some extra time, I could not resist adding the soaker appliqué to accent this unique fabric. Álainn.



Meet 10 month old Katie, August winner of the Stinky Couture™ photo contest. Photo submitted by her mama Tori.

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