Breakfast : .33 cup organic old fashioned oats, one serving of protein, banana (small)

11:00 a.m. : 6 ounces natural or organic chicken (Whole Foods), .25 cup organic brown rice (measured dry)

2:00 p.m. : REPEAT 11:00 a.m.

3:00 p.m. : one serving protein

6:00 p.m. : one serving of protein, banana (small)

9:00 p.m. : 1/2 cup organic green beans (Costco), 1 tsp organic coconut oil (glass jar), three eggs

I try to keep the calories below 1600. I make simple and small variations here and there. The key to remember is that this is NOT a diet it is truly a lifestyle.

Organic trail mix (Costco) after 3:00 if hungry.

I do put some cheese on my eggs at night with one yolk. And will stop that as soon as I plateau. I flavor most everything with an organic poultry seasoning (Costco). I drink lots of filtered water, absolutely no bottled water (plastic bad).

DAILY: Probiotic BERRY GREEN by New Chapter, Organic flax seed oil

As much as I try to keep most of my intake organic, there are just some proteins/meal replacements that I find that I get more from. Balance and moderation. This is just an example of one eating program. I change it up every other month depending on what my needs are. Currently I am leaning down. This is NOT how I ate while nursing my babies as my nutritional needs were different at that time.





Stinky Couture™ has a niche in creating couture cloth diapers that fit a baby’s individual needs. Though the standard Stinky Couture™ sizing fits a wide variety of babies, the Stinky Couture custom order goes an extra step to address the individual needs and wants of baby and parent.



So, gone are the days that I would get my own fluffy mail as our youngest daughter is no longer in diapers. Imagine how excited I was to get super yummy mail this week! One of the mamas I sew for was so kind as to send me homemade shortbread cookies and a couple packs of tea. So sweet!

I’ve been fortunate to have so many of you that started as customers become my friends over time, and I do so enjoy watching your babies grow. I value your friendship and am thankful for the support you provide for me an my family.

yummy mail



We are quite sure that this little cowboy is looking for his horse…he knows that he left it somewhere!

Tracy's Baby

June’s winner of the Stinky Couture™ photo contest is Tracy’s baby. He is wearing a Stinky Couture™ Signature Series side snap fitted cloth diaper featuring toy cowboys that are reminiscent of days gone by. We would love to share more about him though we have only the picture submitted by his mama Tracy. In the excitement of sharing this picture with us, Tracy neglected to give us the details. Regardless this picture is a winner!

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