Welcome to Stinky Couture™

Stinky Couture™ was created out of necessity. It is one outlet that quenches my artistic thirst as well as contributing to our need and desire in being apart of making the world a better place. For every one cloth diaper, there are many disposables that won’t end up in a land fill.

I have found that looking “good” and a “good fit” are often not synonymous in the world of diapers. My “couture” line was designed with just this concept in mind, looking “good” and a “good fit”. Being a keen observer of life from which I draw inspiration as sole designer, my goal was to create a trim, comfortable luxury cloth diaper with a focus on style, beauty and a flair for the unique… and so Stinky Couture™ was born.

Nestled in an idyllic village outside of Boulder in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, all of our products are created with care and concern for environmental impact. We use only premium, boutique quality fabrics while incorporating organic and natural fibers. After years of hands-on experience in cloth diapering we are mindful of the significant investment that is made in pampering our babies’ bottoms, and strive to build every diaper with only the best materials and stitchings for maximum durability. Each and every item is hand made with the same exuberance that we have for life.

Enjoy Stinky Couture™
We love the smell of Baby.